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Many years ago people began to tame animals. There were several reasons for it. First of all, cave men became lazy and stopped go hun
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License: Shareware
Version: 1.0
System: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Size: 1541KB
Date Released: February 20, 2004
Price: $9.95
Screenshot: Click here to see Screenshot
Downloads: 703
Date added: Sep 24, 2005
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Many years ago people began to tame animals. There were several reasons for it. First of all, cave men became lazy and stopped go hunting; secondly, they were sick to death of going on foot and at lastly children were constantly asking for a little dinosaurs! So the council of clever men was founded. During the day men thought over the plan of taming the animals and it was decided they would get started the next morning.

With a beginning of a new day all members of the tribe got ready for a journey to find a herd of herbivorous dinosaurs. The herd required was found and people made a camp near the herd. Firstly the animals showed anxiety: they turned their heads and made disturbed sounds; but in the evening they resigned themselves to the people.

Cave men lived many months following dinosaurs. They soon got used to each other. Men could come up to them and they newborn baby-animals thought men were members of the herd. Only daring people decided to break in dinosaurs. At first it was necessary to teach a little dinosaur to eat from a hand then go after a man and at last four men could ride on one animal!

So cave men had a lot of meat and milk, men chose fast animals to go hunting and children got a little dinosaur!

Those days people had a lot of spare time and they began playing hazardous games. Many of them began playing for arms and even for dinosaurs! You see a man who put his last dinosaur as a bet in this game. Do you think it has lovely eyes?

This beautiful animal will be yours if you follow the easy rules of this classic card game. The designers give you an opportunity to enjoy the unique graphics of an excellent game space and to play with a prehistoric man. Place a bet and the dinosaur is yours!


So far, nothing for that!


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