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Protect your Child and your computer ChildSoft`s `Safe Desktop Technology` protects your computer from wandering mouse clicks and stray key presses. ChildSoft`s Chi
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Company: ChildSoft Inc.
License: Demo
Version: 1.04
System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Size: 4.11MB
Date Released: May 29, 2001
Price: $19.95
Screenshot: Click here to see Screenshot
Downloads: 427
Homepage: http
Date added: Sep 21, 2005
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Protect your Child and your computer
ChildSoft`s `Safe Desktop Technology` protects your computer from wandering mouse clicks and stray key presses. ChildSoft`s Children`s Browser gives you complete control over your child`s use of the Internet. You choose what your child sees and does.
Children`s Desktop & Browser are now available together to provide a complete solution to protect your child and your computer for only $19.95.

The Children`s Desktop is an innovative `child proof` desktop that replaces the standard windows desktop. It allows a parent to specify the programs that are available to a child. Children`s Desktop removes from the child`s reach the computers resources that could inadvertently render a computer inoperable or destroy important data.
The Children`s Browser is a `child safe` browser that allows parents to choose the sites that are available to the child. It does not attempt to determine which sites are appropriate for the child, instead it leaves that determination up to the parent. Parents can choose from a pre-defined list of web sites or add their own selections to the list of approved sites.
Why put a browser and desktop together? Early in the development of the Children`s Desktop we found that almost anything you can do from the desktop you can do from the Internet Explorer. To protect the computer it was necessary to prevent a child from using the browser to access the computer. And so we created the Children`s Browser to protect both the child and the computer.
Testimonials: `I can finally let my 4 year old play on my computer. With the Children`s Desktop installed I feel comfortable with him turning on the computer all by himself! No more destroyed files, or missing icons!` - Charles Reed
`It works! my son and daughter just love using the computer now. I would never let them on the Internet before` - Kim Cheeseman


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