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PDA Diet program to monitor diet, exercise, carbs. Weight loss Diet PDA Software. Build-Edit-Delete meals, menus, and exercises. Create-Edit foods. Edit main food d
 » Home » Business » Miscellaneous » A PDA Diet Lose Weight Count Carbs Diet with Ultimate Calorie Meter Diet Softwa 3.11
Company: Epiphany USA, Incorporated
License: Commercial
Version: 3.11
System: Palm OS
Size: 663KB
Date Released: April 29, 2005
Price: $19.56
Screenshot: Click here to see Screenshot
Downloads: 430
Date added: Sep 20, 2005
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PDA Diet program to monitor diet, exercise, carbs. Weight loss Diet PDA Software.

Build-Edit-Delete meals, menus, and exercises. Create-Edit foods. Edit main food database. Track Water, caloires plus seven other values. Complete control over historical data. GRAPHS of your progress. Includes 50+ meals.
With the UltimateCalorieMeter you receive the benefits of tracking your nutritional intake of eight food values, setting weight goals and finding how many overall calories you can consume to lose weight so that you can better manage your diet and fitness program.

You have the ability to build meals, build favorite items you eat frequently, change any of the history you have saved and track your exercises on a daily basis. As a result you receive the benefit of spending less time performing a simple task like tracking and more quality timeeating or exercising.

Benefits of the UltimateCalorieMeter
Ability to build meals that you eat regularly.
Ability to adjust portions of food items in a meal you have built to reflect what you actually ate.
Ability to build a menu of food items (eg: 5 types of beef, 3 types of potatoes, 4 vegetables, etc) and then build a meal from that menu that you will eat.

· Select from over 5900 food items as found in the USDA SR13 tables..
· Select from over 30 different exercises.
· Track calories, water, sodium, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, total fats, and unsaturated fats for 30 days.
· View graphs for the last 14 days of your consumption of water, calories consumed, calories expended in exercise and your weight.
· See what your current BMI (Basel Metabolic Index) or what your BMI would be at any given weight.

Obtain the target calories required to achieve your desired weight or change the caloric figure to achieve dietary goals.
·View exercise calories, consumed calories, sodium, cholesterol, protein etc


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