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1st Screensaver Studio Features Images and Video Files: Create a slide show type screen savers from your favorite image files (JPEG, GIF and BMP) . Flash Projector
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License: Shareware
Version: $24.95
System: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
Size: 0
Date Released: January 26, 2002
Price: $24.95
Screenshot: Click here to see Screenshot
Downloads: 367
Homepage: http
Date added: Sep 27, 2005
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1st Screensaver Studio Features
Images and Video Files:
Create a slide show type screen savers from your favorite image files (JPEG, GIF and BMP) .
Flash Projector files:
Create promotional screen savers from Macromedia Flash animation files.(1st Screensaver Flash Studio only)
Powerpoint files:
Create screen savers from Powerpoint files.(1st Screensaver PowerPoint Studio only)
Easy to Distribute:
Create the screen saver as a single EXE or as a ZIP file that can be easily distributed from a web site or by Email. No additional files are needed to run the screen saver.
Text Support:
Display your own text on the images. You can control the font size, color and type.
Sound File Support:
Play separate sound files for each of the images or play a single sound file continuously for all the screen saver images. (MP3, WAV & MIDI)
Automated Image Updating:
Setup the screen saver to automatically retrieve new images from your web site. (Coming soon...)
Create Wallpapers:
Setup the screen saver to install one of your image files as the wallpaper on the user` s desktop. You can also setup the screen saver to randomly change the wallpaper daily.(Coming soon...)
Setup hyperlinks to your web site from the screen saver`s Settings window and About window. (Professional & Professional Plus Editions)
Trial Version:
Create a trial version of the screen saver that can expire after a fixed number of days. Put text on the trial version to promote your web site or to promote full version. (Professional Plus Edition only).
Transition Effects:
Many great looking Transition Effects - including Flying Images, Multiple Float, Zoom and Random Mix - with speed control. To see the screen shots of these features, click on the labels below.
Logo Display:
Your logo image can be embedded in to the screen saver settings window, installation window and the about window. (Professional Edition only; logo image should be Emailed at the time of the purchase)
Screen savers produced by the Professional Plus Edition are completely branded for your company. Our company contact information is not shown.
Ease of use:
"Wizard" style user interface walks you through the process. A Screen saver can be created with just a few mouse clicks.
Supported on Win 95/98, NT 4.0 and WIN 2000


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